Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PRO/con: Brill Residence

Client—David and Lisa Brill
Site—A half acre lot in a gated community, with only half of the site buildable due to a steep drop off on the south side of the home; San Clemente, CA
Program— single family residence
Completion—Winter 1998

The home had some major geological conditions that made the design of the home very difficult to execute. There is a beautiful view on San Clemente and the ocean beyond from the south side of the home, and so the home was built around this aspect. Concepts of privacy versus the public interaction with the rest of the community was explored, along with the relationship with the surrounding environment. In the end design was rejected because of the unrealistic nature of the home for not following architectural guide lines.
Tennent, Scott, ed. Jones, Partners Architecture: El Segundo : Designs for Words, Buildings, Machines. New York: Princeton Architectural, 2007. Print. p. 85.

Water colour done by Marisa Musing

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