Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wes Jones

The New York Times Capsule

Wes Jones and his views regarding architecture were greatly influenced by his experience with the Cold War. A common theme which weaves through his work is the fear that technology generated in the nuclear age. Wes was opposed to the blending of the social environment and technology, as he believed that machines should not be disguised superficially. His view on technology not only challenged its impact on society, but rather focused on its detriment to humanity. 

Wes Jones took his ideologies into his practice. He is a partner in Jones, Partners: Architecture, founded in 1993. Jones, Partners: Architecture is an architectural firm based out of California with an “international reputation for designing richly engaging, technologically intense environments”. Jones, Partners: Architecture is therefore widely considered a design firm first and foremost. The firm is preoccupied with what is considered “cool” and openly admit and advocate that “cool” matters. The concept of “machine architecture” has been a prevalent theme in Jones’ work since the mid 1980’s, as he has been searching for an organization and relationship between the body and the technological environment and seeks clear ways to express and represent mechanical and industrial forms.

Astronaut's Memorial
Jones’ efforts in the “critical manipulation of technology” in his work as a designer at Holt Hinshaw Pfau and Jones as well as at J,P:A has gathered recognition for the “engaging contemporary experience” it creates. Jones has become recognized in the architectural community as he is the recipient of 8 progressive architectural awards. His work on the Astronaut’s Memorial at the Kennedy Space Center was well received and he was a recipient for the Rome Prize in Architecture. 

Jones’ work extends into the academic world as he is widely published and has given lectures internationally on technology in conjunction with the work of his firm. He has taught in schools of architecture at Harvard, Princeton, ITT, Columbia, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Ohio State University and the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Jones’ own eduction includes an AB with highest honours from UC Berkeley in 1980 and Master of Architecture with distinction from Harvard. In 2007, Princeton Architectural Press published their second monograph of his work, covering the period from 1998 to date, titled El Segundo. Wes Jones’ work, including the Primitive Hut series,  has been exhibited in museums and galleries on four continents. 

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