Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PRO/con: House of the Future

Client—Time Magazine
Site—Flat desert expanse between LA and Palm Springs
Program—‘House of the Future’ carpet housing
Completion—Fall 1999

These homes are a response to the economic pressures on a limited landscape to the increasing density as well as the related need to maintain a unique suburban balance between privacy and the public view despite the populated space. It answers the necessity for greater ecological responsibility and takes account of the reorientation towards spatial qualities prompted by the increasing importance of the computer and cyberworld. 

Elov (the car of the future) is another design that goes with the home. Elov, or 'electric low occupancy vehicle' faces issues of Californians and their high congestion of traffic and the environmental problems in our society. The car is light weight, small and compact, and the cars can  lock together for a family to fit inside.

Tennent, Scott, ed. Jones, Partners Architecture: El Segundo : Designs for Words, Buildings, Machines. New York: Princeton Architectural, 2007. Print. p. 121

Water colour done by Marisa Musing

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