Saturday, December 8, 2012

Panorama Shipping Containters

Here is a larger scale version of the morphology of the use of shipping containers for the Primitive Hut. This gives a better perspective of the influence that shipping containers had on their work and the final design.

The idea behind the primitive hut was to use existing materials that are massed produced, and incorporate them into the design for a home, whose final form would consist of completely scavenged and recycled materials, similar to the work of a hunter or gatherer. Jones and Phau took on this ideal and decided on the use of a shipping container as the basis for their primitive hut design. Shipping containers come in various sizes, but they worked with the standard 20 ft standard ISO shipping container, which Jones had and continued to use in later projects for PRO/con. From the shipping container base, the home dwells into more stacking and collecting of parts to create a collage-like effect, and a primitive look. 

Irony can be found through this design because of the lack of typical primal materials to build the home. The word primitive is more often thought of as being natural, wild-like, and something taken from the Earth, rather than manufactured goods. However the ironic juxtaposition found in Jones and Phau's primitive hut, with its inclusion of wood logs and branches in each of their designs, develops a new way to consider the ideals of a primitive hut. 

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